A Guide to Cheap Medical Billing Software for Clinics

Cheap Medical Billing Software for Clinics
Cheap Medical Billing software has completely changed how medical billing finances work. There is no better option for hospitals to improve their billing processes. Continue reading further and explore the prominent features of this software. Also check its performance for your healthcare practices.

What Is Medical Billing Software?

Medical Billing Software
Medical billing software automates the medical billing processes of hospitals. It also helps you to manage your revenue cycle management. You can integrate it with your manual medical processes.

It requires a considerable allocation of time and resources. Your Medicaid billing software can use them to automate. Hospitals can work with insurance companies to install their billing processes.

List Of Cheap Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software for Clinics
Many cheap medical billing software have effective automation features. You can also use the following top software for automated medical billing.

    1. OpenEMR

OpenEMR is a specific software that only targets electronic medical records. It provides practice management and billing tools to hospitals. These features enable you to generate bills faster.

You can also use OpenEMR to customize your medical workflow. It will align its procedures with your preferences. For this purpose, OpenEMR puts forward its open-source functionalities to help you.

It is immensely popular with small clinics. This software also enables you to make changes to its framework that suit your needs.

  • Costing and Financial Benefits

OpenEMR is open-source and there are no costs incurred with its implementation. Still, hospitals will have to hire IT services to install the software on their systems. This way, OpenEMR reduces your expenses as you can use it for free without any type of investment. It has dedicated modules specifically for invoicing and claims management. These modules generate accurate bills with almost zero errors and claim denials.

  • Technical Benefits

You can also use this cheap medical billing software to create a user community. It connects its users with each other to create communities. Hospitals can collaborate with other users in such communities. You can share your ideas with other hospitals and learn from them. The developers of OpenEMR are also part of such technical communities.

OpenEMR provides various technical resources as well, like Project Wiki and forums. These resources secure an adequate amount of data in its reliable digital locations.
You can use its open-source services to make changes to its system.

You have to make these changes based on your technical requirements. Hospitals do not have to send requests for customized modifications anymore.OpenEMR also makes communication between patients and hospitals flexible with its 25+ languages. This way, your patients can easily work with your billing workflows. You can also integrate this software with insurance companies for electronic bills.

  • Primary Features

This cheap medical billing software is ideal for clinics as it can provide fee sheets to them. You can use OpenEMR to go through your issues and create new patient encounters. Healthcare organizations can also review and update the content of those encounters. Furthermore, it enables you to electronically file and submit your reimbursement claims. You just have to press a few clicks through claim types for this operation.

Clinics can electronically work on OpenEMR to manage their patient insurance eligibility. They can also send their queries to receive responses from insurance providers. This software can directly record auto-post payments from patients into the billing system. You can easily use those functionalities to generate your invoices within minutes. These invoices can check any remaining payments through the patient portal of OpenEMR. This software can also generate key reports to improve patient care.

  • Limitations

OpenEMR has some limitations as well apart from its exceptional advantages. It has a size limit of 65 MB for the files that you can upload. Moreover, this software does not currently have any mobile application. There is also an absence of pre-built integrations for third-party entities.

    2. Practice Mate

Office Ally is the developer of this cheap medical billing software. You can use it to optimize your billing processes, like payment posting. Practice Mate is suitable for all types of healthcare services.

  • Costing and Benefits

Practice Mate mostly provides free services. It has a product that works on electronic health records which you can subscribe for $39.99 per month. This software makes your billing practices more accurate. It records and tracks your medical procedures and treatments to execute this operation. Hospitals can use Practice Mate to generate and send superbills to insurers. Its superbills can cut your invoicing mistakes.

This software can verify your claims for free and directly increase your revenue. You can use this functionality to access several insurance companies. Practice Mate also has some tools available to confirm reimbursement claims. It uses that validation to determine the insurance coverage eligibility of your patients. This software also minimizes claim denials from insurance companies. Moreover, you can automate your manual tasks and reduce their data entry errors.

  • Primary Features

You can conduct insurance eligibility verification as well through Practice Mate. This tool can generate eligibility reports for patients. These reports provide verification results and insurance details. You must extract this information from Practice Mate as it identifies coverage issues. This cheap medical billing software can electronically submit your reimbursement claims.

Its functionalities use claim scrubbing technology to detect errors among the medical codes. This is how Practice Mate files your reimbursement claims and reduces denials. You can also use it to track the real-time status of those claims. This functionality customizes claim rules based on your plan types and procedure codes. There are specific ICD-9 and CPT codes of the software for medical coding.

  • Secondary Features

There are some secondary features loaded in Practice Mate as well. You can install them to process your accounts and credit cards. Hospitals particularly focus on these features to post payments and generate billing statements. Practice Mate can set up automated payment reminders to efficiently execute these operations. These reminders ensure timely reimbursements and payment processing Healthcare organizations can also focus on accounts receivable management and transaction summaries. Their focus enables an accurate assessment of their financial health.

This software also has many credit card options. Your patients are likely to be familiar with any one of them. They can use that option to pay your medical bills. You can integrate these options with payment gateways. Prominent ones like PayPal and Authorize.net enable online and secure medical transactions.

  • Limitations

The services of Practice Mate also have certain limitations apart from their benefits. It currently does not cover any lab work or radiology services. It also charges extra fees to verify the insurance eligibility of patients. There are other types of fees charged to generate invoices of specific procedures.

    3. billrMD

billrMD is also a cheap medical billing software for automating medical services. It provides cloud solutions to generate medical bills and file reimbursement claims. These outcomes can considerably decrease your claim denials and rejections. They also enable the usage of a streamlined technology for electronic medical billing. You can use that technology to enhance your revenue cycle management. billrMD serves as an effective technology for all types of healthcare services.

  • Costing

The users of billrMD can work with three costing packages. They can use the first one for free as it contains all services with limited features. There is another package called the Basic plan. Hospitals can buy this one for $149 per month. The third package is the Growth plan that is available at $199 on a monthly basis. Apart from these three, there are two top packages as well. Their names are Premium and Enterprise. You can buy the Premium package at $229 per month.

But, you have to receive a quote from billrMD for the Enterprise package. They can only give you a quote after you have contacted them to show interest.

  • Benefits

billrMD also serves as a cheap medical billing software to protect patient data. This operation requires some primary features. These features restrict its users to manually enter their credit card information. This procedure is the only way for your patients to pay their medical bills. Apart from this measure, you can also allow your patients to swipe their cards through a USB swiper. They can also process their transactions this way. Hospitals attach these swipers to their processing computer.

This attachment is an effective measure to prevent malicious activities. Also, hospitals can use billrMD to create as many non-provider accounts as they want. It does not charge any extra fees to separately generate those medical accounts. It enables hospitals to track personnel access to sensitive details.

You can use it to grant permissions only to authorized personnel. Hospitals can also insert a practice logo to their documents. Such logos can significantly build brand images and end user confusion.

  • Features

billrMD has separate functionalities to send requests for patient eligibility reports. These requests are primarily sent to insurance providers. You can use the same functionalities to schedule patient appointments. You can also use them to determine the benefits coverage of patients. These usages help hospitals keep track of their patient eligibility checks.

billrMD can now also incorporate the details of superbills into reimbursement claims. These details are about the copays and billing codes in the medical coding software. They are also helpful in reducing data entry errors in future. Healthcare organizations can use specific functionalities of billrMD to customize summary reports. The same functionalities can analyze details about their patients and the insurers involved. These details can comprise real-time schedules and interactive statistics. You can present their snapshots through the dashboards available on billrMD.

  • Limitations

Like Practice Mate and OpenEMR, billrMD has certain limitations. Healthcare organizations cannot integrate it with their electronic health records. They can also not link it with any other third party. billrMD also has limited capacity to store patient information. As a result, only one user can access it at a time.

The Bottom Line

We discussed three cheap medical billing software currently available in the medical sector. This blog mostly focused on their key aspects like costing, limitations, and many more. Health Quest Billing has an expert team to guide you about our services. Contact us today to learn how you can use the cheap medical billing software that works best for you.