Medical Careers: Medical Billing and Coding Classes Near Me

Medical Billing and Coding Classes Near Me

Medical billing and coding classes near me are spread throughout the US for future billers and coders. They can take these classes to prepare themselves for relevant medical industry jobs. They are key assets for healthcare organizations due to their role in generating medical bills. 

Classes for medical billing and coding near me comprise both healthcare knowledge and computer technology to manage their operations and make clinical decisions. Today, we bring you a list of top medical billing and coding classes near me that can effectively prepare you.

    1. Medical Coding Certificate – Maryland

Community College of Baltimore County offers medical billing and coding classes Baltimore, which provide practical skills. These skills and knowledge are beneficial for your healthcare processes like reimbursement evaluations and insurance eligibility verification.

You can also utilize its knowledge to index your medical research and statistics. Hospitals and clinics can also minimize legal difficulties by ensuring timely reimbursements. This medical coding certificate can earn suitable employment in nursing facilities and physician’s offices.

Its graduates are easily able to assign procedural and diagnosis codes, including Healthcare Procedural Coding and Current Procedural Terminology. Based on your reimbursement and documentation practices, you can also interpret the set coding guidelines into patient cases.

    2. Wake Technical Community College – North Carolina

This community college offers one of the finest medical billing and coding classes near me in North Carolina. This class is registered separately as OSC-3030A3 for billing and OSC-3030B3 for coding respectively. It has a total of 376 contact hours with an online work mode.

You can easily access its learning materials and assignments and set your own pace to complete them. Its students also do not have to schedule any meeting times and can attend the recorded sessions whenever they like.

Wake Technical Community College has set certain admission requirements for this class. They mainly comprise keyboard proficiency and a basic understanding of common computer programs. You must also have an excellent command of English punctuation and grammar.

    3. Springfield Technical Community College – Massachusetts

This community college offers an intensive medical coding and billing program in Massachusetts with an estimated duration of a year. It awards a special credential to its graduates titled “Certification of Completion in Medical Coding and Billing Specialist”.

Most of the medical billing and coding classes near me provide comprehensive knowledge about translating descriptions of medical services into designations. The curriculum of this program is based on the same concept and requires in-depth prior qualifications.

As a high school graduate, you must possess excellent hand-eye coordination and be able to exhibit strong manual skill and communication. Your scores should be above 73% in every module of the program to graduate and avoid complete withdrawal.

    4. Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma

The top university of Oklahoma offers an online medical billing and coding course. It is specifically curated to equip you with the necessary skill set to ace the Certified Professional Coder exam. 

It is the ideal course for you if you want to master the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes. Moreover, you will also learn about the ways to effectively assign ICD-10 and CPT Category II codes to your healthcare services.

Its medical billing and coding classes near me can make you a part of the American Academy of Professional Coders. Their curriculum is sufficient as it covers all the billing and coding operations. They primarily comprise healthcare law, terminologies and insurance terms.

    5. Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Tennessee

In a prime location in Knoxville, this college brings an informative 100% online course to jumpstart your billing and coding career. With its professional certification, you can become a solid competitor in this high-demand profession, which aligns with your career goals.

It is specifically tailored to target the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist and Certified Coding Associate exams. These exams are conducted by reputable companies, and their scores are highly valued. You can also get hands-on experience with automated medical software.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology has a diverse panel of experienced instructors for its medical billing and coding classes near me. Its curriculum covers medical terminologies like the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems and practices like revenue cycle management.

    6. Dorsey College – Michigan

Dorsey College has holistic medical billing and coding classes online Michigan to elevate your healthcare skills. Their medical billing and coding classes near me can land you a well-paid role in Michigan. You can learn new insights and skills related to the medical administration field.

Its modules are systematically arranged for it to be normally completed in a year. This program gives you a chance to study under seasoned professionals and receive hands-on experience. Its curriculum covers the management of various healthcare tools and processes.

They largely include medical software for electronic health records and practice management. You can also gain comprehensive knowledge about complex medical fields like physiology and anatomy. Students can utilize it to establish business and accounting communication.

    7. Connecticut State Community College – Connecticut

This community college has top-rated medical billing and coding classes in CT, which perfectly aligns with organized and analytic professionals. It is an online course with enrollments always rolling. It means that you can start at any time of the year.

The initial process is enrollment, followed by online fee submission, with which you can receive your textbook soon after. Its timeline is specifically trained to accommodate any patient demographic entry so you can remotely complete it. 

You also do not need to visit your hospital if you need to clear some queries. This course has some key features like a year’s worth of student AAPC membership, 370 instruction hours and testing exam vouchers.

    8. Richmond Community College – Virginia

Richmond is a top community college in Virginia and offers one of the top medical billing and coding classes near me. Its class provides lectures on billing invoices, submitting reimbursement claims and receiving payments.

You can learn a lot about assigning codes to medical services and generating bills for healthcare procedures and treatments. Billers can take medical billing and coding classes Richmond VA to gain insights into preparing complete and accurate billing invoices.

Its curriculum combines on-site lectures and online assignments to form a hybrid class. You must successfully complete its exam to earn your special credentials from the National Healthcareer Association. Your exam fees can be waived if you attend all the lectures.

    9. Stark State College – Ohio

Stark State College offers medical billing and coding classes online Ohio to prospective students. They aim to understand coding guidelines and learn reimbursement methodologies. It also provides detailed knowledge about physiology, anatomy and common diseases.

Its full operational duration is 36 credit hours and runs in both morning and night tracks. These specifications prepare you to work expertly in entry-level employment. This program also has a rigorous schedule in which you mostly attend accelerated courses.

It has a restricted entry as its admission committee has set up certain pre-application requirements for applicants. You will have to fulfill them, but the high number of applicants does not guarantee admission. This applies to all the medical billing and coding classes near me.

    10. DeVry University – Illinois

Illinois is becoming the leading state in providing effective patient care due to its medical billing and coding classes near me. One of them is conducted at DeVry University and is titled “Medical Billing and Coding Undergraduate Certificate Program”.

It provides an online certificate, and its lectures start after every two months. You can learn a lot about health information technology and anatomy through this class. You can take additional courses in this class that include procedural terminologies and legal issues.

These additional courses are specifically tailored to provide detailed concepts and related instructions about medical billing and coding. This medical billing and coding class near me will give you first-hand experience in simulated web-based medical records.

    11. Jefferson State Community College – Alabama

This one may well be one of the best medical billing and coding classes near me in Alabama. It specializes in familiarizing its students with the set policies and guidelines of insurance companies. This specialization can enable you to easily translate medical descriptions.

You can also learn about the best ways to organize your medical codes and their rules related to coding procedures. The instructors especially focus on specifying disorders, diseases and injuries to accurately generate their medical bills.

Students must also consider the certification information of their classes. This claim follows an approved curriculum by the American Association of Professional Coders. It is aimed at training future medical billers and coders to successfully pass their Certified Professional Coder exams.

The Bottom Line

This blog enlisted a wide variety of top medical billing and coding classes near me spread throughout the US. We greatly focused on their module descriptions and the objectives of their instructors. There was also a discussion on their admission requirements and work modes.

Our medical billing team is affiliated with the leadership of these medical billing and coding classes near me. As a result, they are comprehensively familiar with all the ins and outs of their admission criteria. Contact us today to discuss your options and find out the best class for you.    

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What roles do medical coders play in the healthcare industry?

Medical coders are key assets in the healthcare industry as they are responsible for generating medical bills, indexing medical research, and ensuring timely reimbursements. Their role includes assigning procedural and diagnosis codes like HCPCS Level II and ICD-10 codes.

    2. How important is Medical Terminology in a Coding Program?

Medical Terminology is fundamental in a Coding Program. It helps students and professionals understand and translate descriptions of medical services into designations, ensuring accurate and efficient communication within the healthcare field.

    3. Can healthcare providers benefit from hiring individuals with a background in Health Information Management?

Absolutely. Healthcare providers can greatly benefit from individuals trained in Health Information Management, as these professionals ensure organized patient records, accurate code structure, and improved efficiency in areas like insurance claims and reimbursement purposes.

    4. What entry-level positions can someone expect in the coding field after completing a class?

After completing a medical billing and coding class, individuals can often secure entry-level positions as medical records technicians, medical coding specialists, or similar roles in a variety of healthcare settings, including long-term care facilities and medical office settings.

    5. How does understanding medical coding systems benefit healthcare providers and health care facilities?

Understanding medical coding systems is crucial for healthcare providers and facilities. It ensures accurate patient records, timely insurance claims, and effective reimbursement processes, thus optimizing the business of healthcare.

    6. Is a career in health care focusing on outpatient coding lucrative in terms of annual salary?

A career in health care, particularly focusing on outpatient coding, can be quite lucrative. While the annual salary varies depending on location and experience, medical coders with specific coding certification often enjoy an average salary that is competitive within the healthcare industry.

    7. How essential are code books and understanding code structure for someone entering the healthcare field?

Code books and an understanding of code structure are paramount for anyone entering the healthcare field, especially in roles like medical coding specialist. They provide the necessary guidelines to translate medical services into procedure codes, ensuring accuracy in patient records and billing.

    8. Why is ICD-10 codes knowledge important for professionals working with health insurance companies?

ICD-10 codes knowledge is vital for professionals interacting with health insurance companies. These codes ensure accurate representation of patient conditions and treatments, facilitating correct processing of insurance claims and reimbursement purposes.

    9. Can one find distance learning classes or programs for medical coding at a Technical school?

Yes, many Technical schools offer distance learning classes for medical coding, allowing students flexibility in their class schedule. Such programs often come with online materials, and some may provide financial assistance or guidance from career counselors.

    10. How do Program Availability and Privacy Policy affect students looking for classes in the healthcare industry?

Program Availability ensures that students can enroll and access courses as per their convenience. On the other hand, a clear Privacy Policy is essential to assure students that their personal and academic information is protected, especially in online or distance learning classes.