Medical Coding Salaries Revealed: What You Need to Know

Medical Coding Salaries
You can determine medical coding salaries by analyzing a range of key factors. You must be familiar with them to estimate the salary ranges of different US states.

This blog will outline the exact average salaries of ten top states. We will also look at the standard of living in those states to determine if their salaries will suit you. Continue reading further to find out the dream state for your medical coding career. 

Medical Coding Salaries in Major States

Medical Coding Salaries in Major States
We have prepared a list of ten major US states regarding job prospects and will be looking at their medical coding salaries. Depending on their state, these salaries vary a lot for assigning specific codes to medical services.

The major states have several opportunities and offer market-competitive salaries for the medical coding profession. The USA has seen a rise in demand for medical coding services due to growing healthcare complications.

Your medical coding auditor salary depends on multiple factors comprising cost of living and the general healthcare landscape. You can utilize the knowledge about compensation ranges and job prospects to make informed decisions about your medical coding career.

    1. California

The average annual salary of medical coding in California is $67,660 as of 2022. California has a dynamic medical coding landscape due to its rich industrial growth. You can build a stable career translating medical data into specific codes to generate bills.

Its diverse culture and endless sources of recreational activities signify a valuable quality of life. You may consider setting up your medical coding career in California due to its competitive compensation and enormous career opportunities.

Medical coding salaries are bound to increase in California due to their evolving field. In general, the healthcare sector has been steadily growing. The increasing demand for medical services is directly related to the requirement of medical coders to manage patient cases.

    2. Texas

Texas has a steady job market, which puts the average annual salary at upwards of $55000. Its industrial growth warrants a strong healthcare sector with a rising medical coding demand. This state offers a diverse range of medical services and ensures job opportunities. 

As a result, you are likely to come across competitive medical coding salaries in Texas. This way, you can combine a good quality of life and high career potential, to sum up your medical coding career. The competitive salaries compensate for the growing living costs in Texas.

In addition, there are several recreational and cultural opportunities in Texas. They make it a vibrant state for you to maintain a healthy work-life balance as a medical coder. Its increasing demand for medical services signifies a promising career in this field.

    3. New York

New York has an average hourly salary of $30 in medical coding, which puts the annual rate at roughly $62,369. As a metropolitan, it blends a healthy mix of lifestyle and career potential. You can be in a better position to earn a stable income as a medical coder compared to others.

This state has a plethora of academic healthcare centers and medical facilities due to its rising popularity. You can utilize these opportunities to gain specialization in your field and pursue career advancement. Texas builds your potential to work in top healthcare institutions.

The cost of living in New York is significantly higher than that in other states. As a result, its medical coding salaries are relatively higher as healthcare organizations have to facilitate their coders. The need for skilled medical coders is likely to grow due to a rising population.

    4. Florida

Medical billing and coding salary Florida boasts a high average of $58,020 in medical coding. Its hourly rate of $27.89 may be lower than New York and California, but it is still better than other states. This way, it performs to a higher standard in terms of accounts receivable management.

Another plus side of Florida is its affordability and stable living costs. This forms a comfortable lifestyle for medical coders as they can indulge in several recreational opportunities in a favorable climate.

Florida has been observing a constant rise in its senior population, specifically retirees. This rise leads to a subsequent increase in the demand for healthcare services and medical coding salaries. You can amass sustained career growth as a medical coder in Florida.

    5. Pennsylvania

The hourly rate of medical coding salaries is $27.39 with $59,964 as the annual salary for medical billing and coding in Pennsylvania. Its ecstatic scenery and historic importance enable a pleasant backdrop for you to assign medical codes and generate their bills.

As a medical coder, you can enjoy your career in Pennsylvania due to its lower cost of living. This state has maintained stable trends in its healthcare organizations as its population has not seen any major shift. This way, you can work in comfortable work settings in medical coding.

Prominent healthcare organizations anchor a strong medical billing and coding salary in PA and enable a steady growth rate in coding jobs. You can effectively contribute as a coder in their processes, like provider credentialing and billing.

    6. Illinois

Illinois is one of the healthcare hubs of the US, which suits its average medical billing coding salary of $58,476. In addition, Chicago is considered an important medical center in the Midwest. This state has a lot of academic healthcare organizations and medical institutes.

They can open up several opportunities where you can apply as a medical coder and progress further in your career. Your living cost will vary a lot based on where you decide to live, primarily due to different accommodation patterns.

There are a lot of workable living options in the rural areas and smaller cities of Pennsylvania. You can also currently experience an expansion of the medical sector in this state. This way, it can determine an ideal career for you with promising medical coding salaries.

    7. Ohio

You can differentiate Ohio from other major states due to its lower cost of living, which explains its medical coding salaries. It is on the lower side and ranges around $55,086 with an average hourly rate of $26.48. You can capitalize on this by maximizing your medical coding earnings.

This state comes with a wide spectrum of rural and urban living environments for you to easily choose your ideal lifestyle preference. It has also been experiencing a growing healthcare sector for some time, with the demand for medical coding continuing to increase.

Therefore, you can add Ohio to your list of potential home states, given its professional and personal benefits. It has a lot of scope for professional growth due to the pattern of its medical institutes. They tend to promote their best coders to the top of their administration.

    8. Washington

Washington has a stronger healthcare landscape, which enables a higher average of $61,920 for the annual medical coding salary. It has some of the top medical facilities in the country, which prioritize technological innovation more than marketability growth.

These facilities are the perfect grounds for you to take your medical coding career to the next level. You are bound to learn a lot through a professional experience in which you can branch out to a specialized field.

Washington holds its due importance in terms of organizational growth in its institutes. You can maintain a comfortable lifestyle with its competitive medical coding salaries and a high standard of living. This state is always an enticing choice for coders to achieve their professional goals.

    9. North Carolina

Medical billing and coding salary NC ranges around $56,166 with an hourly rate of $27. North Carolina is specifically known in the US for successfully managing to excel in medical facilities, even in their rural areas. It has enabled this by encompassing top medical systems.

Moreover, it is also the perfect state for you to try out different professional interests in the field of medical coding. It has some of the most exquisite natural landscapes in the country, which can largely contribute to your decision to move there.

It also has a significant aging population, which has rapidly increased the demand for healthcare services in general. This has put medical coding in front of the authorities as one of their top priorities. You can fill the gap by moving there and implementing your exceptional coding skills.

    10. Michigan

Michigan has one of the lowest average salaries out of the states discussed in this blog. It has been stagnant at around $55,273 with $26.57 as the medical billing and coding salary per hour. This is unusual as Michigan has a considerable number of quality medical research institutions.

This limitation has multiple reasons, including the inability to raise the state’s medical standards that align with its population. Michigan has also regularly faced a shortage of medical professionals due to its lifestyle shortcomings.

As a result, the medical coding salaries of this state have also remained comparatively low. This demonstrates how Michigan may be the least favorite choice for medical coding out of these major states.

The Bottom Line

This blog explained how the main aspects of medical coding salaries differ in the top ten US states. We looked at their average annual and hourly salaries and analyzed their sufficiency for those different costs of living.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the average medical coder salary in California?

The average annual medical coder salary in California is $67,660. Given the state’s dynamic healthcare landscape, this figure is expected to rise.

    2. Do medical billers and medical coders need a school diploma?

While the content doesn’t directly mention educational requirements for medical billers and coders, typically a high school diploma is a minimum, and many employers prefer candidates with postsecondary education or specialized coding programs.

    3. How does the medical coder salary in West Virginia compare with other states?

The content does not provide a specific figure for West Virginia. However, salaries vary significantly among states, influenced by factors like cost of living and healthcare industry demand.

    4. Are electronic health records essential for medical records specialists?

Electronic health records play a pivotal role in modern healthcare settings. Medical records specialists often interact with these records to ensure accurate coding of medical procedures.5. 

    5. Is there a demand for coding specialists in North Dakota and Rhode Island?

While the article does not specify the demand in North Dakota and Rhode Island, it does mention that the USA, in general, has seen a rise in demand for medical coding services due to growing healthcare complications.

    6. What is the median salary for a medical coder in the US?

The content provides average salaries for various states but doesn’t specify a national median salary. However, these averages can offer insights into the national average for medical coder salary.

    7. Is a medical coding certification necessary to work in the field?

While not explicitly mentioned in the content, a medical coding certification is often required or preferred by employers as it demonstrates specialized knowledge and expertise.

    8. Do healthcare settings like physician offices employ coding specialists?

Yes, physician offices, along with other healthcare settings, employ coding specialists to manage patient cases and ensure accurate coding of medical procedures.

    9. How does the job outlook for medical billing specialists compare to the national average?

While the article does not directly compare the job outlook for medical billing specialists to the national average, it does mention a growing demand in several states, suggesting a positive trend in the healthcare industry.

    10. Do experienced coders earn more than those without experience?

While the content doesn’t state this explicitly, in many professions, including medical coding, experienced coders often command higher average incomes due to their specialized knowledge and skills.

    11. Is an associate degree beneficial for a medical coding specialist?

While not mentioned directly in the article, an associate degree, especially in health information technology or a related field, can enhance career prospects for a medical coding specialist.

    12. What role does the American Health Information Management Association play in the health care industry?

While not detailed in the content, the American Health Information Management Association provides professional certification, training, and resources for health information technicians, which includes medical coders.

    13. Are communication skills crucial for a career in healthcare coding?

Yes, communication skills are vital in the healthcare industry, as coders often interact with healthcare providers to ensure accurate coding and clarify any discrepancies in medical records.

    14. Do hospital inpatient and outpatient settings have different requirements for medical coders?

The content doesn’t specify, but typically, hospital inpatient and outpatient settings might have varying coding requirements, emphasizing the importance of specialized knowledge for coding specialists.

    15. Is job growth expected for medical coding positions in healthcare facilities?

Yes, the USA has seen a rise in demand for medical coding services due to growing healthcare complications, suggesting positive job growth in various healthcare facilities.