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Our Services


Insurance Eligibility Services RCM
Insurance Eligibility

We carefully verify each patient’s insurance coverage to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement for all rendered services.


Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Coding

Our team is adept at transforming healthcare diagnoses, procedures, and medical equipment into universally accepted codes.


Charge Entry Services
Charge Entry

We systematically enter each charge related to a patient’s medical services into the billing system, ensuring utmost accuracy for insurance claims.


Denial Management Services
Denial Management

Our team excels at managing claim denials, working tirelessly to overturn denials and maximize your successful reimbursements.


(A/R) Management
AR Management

We manage your account receivables efficiently, working towards a reduction in outstanding dues and facilitating a steady cash flow.


Payment Posting in Medical Billing
Payment Posting

We post payments to the correct patient accounts promptly and accurately, thereby maintaining up-to-date and accurate financial records.

Ideal Partner for Medical Billing

At Health Quest Billing, we're more than just a Delaware-based company - we're your partners in achieving financial success. With our prime focus on optimizing revenue cycle management, we combine deep industry expertise with innovative solutions to transform your healthcare financial processes. Committed to excellence, we're here to ensure your revenue cycle is as healthy as the patients you serve.

Medical billing and credentialing services

Leading the Way in Compliance Standards

At Health Quest Billing, compliance is not just a requirement but a driving principle. We rigorously follow all regulatory standards, including HIPAA and PCI, and utilize our expertise to fill any compliance gaps within your operations. Through continuous monitoring and system updates, we provide a seamless, compliant experience, empowering your healthcare organization to focus on delivering quality patient care, free from compliance concerns.

  • medical billing PCI validated
  • dss compliant in medical billing
  • EMV in medical billing
  • Hippa

AdvancedBiller Grow Program - A Game Changer in RCM

The AdvancedBiller Grow program is a comprehensive solution designed to power third-party RCM companies with state-of-the-art billing and reporting software. This program expands your service offerings, providing market-leading scheduling, EHR, and patient engagement software to your clients, creating an invaluable, all-in-one solution. With added benefits such as premium support, exclusive lead generation, free promotional opportunities, and scalable pricing, the program truly revolutionizes your medical practices.

Advanced Biller Grow Program