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  • Eligibility and VerificationEligibility and VerificationComprehensive EHR Services For Upto 4x Revenue Making Medical Billing Accessible and Effortless for All.
  • Patient CoveragePatient CoverageAre you facing troubles while verifying patient coverages before appointments?
  • Appointment SettingAppointment SettingAppointment setting has a pivotal role in the healthcare system and its errors can be serious for patients and healthcare providers.
  • Customer SupportCustomer SupportAre you looking for top-notch customer support for your EHR-related queries?
  • Real-Time Patient Data AccessReal-Time Patient Data AccessReal-time patient data has a pivotal role in managing Electronic Health Records.
  • Patient Data CentralizationPatient Data CentralizationPatient data centralization is more than just data. It is about keeping it in a secure and accessible location.
  • Daily ReportsDaily ReportsAre you facing reporting discrepancies from your financial end?
  • KPI Metric ReportKPI Metric ReportDo you want to get the most out of your key performance indicators?
  • Monthly ReportMonthly ReportDo you feel the discrepancies in your healthcare practice are not getting reported sufficiently?
  • Trends ReportTrends ReportDo you also want to jump on the healthcare bandwagon of going with the tide?

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Medical Billing Expertise For Upto 4x Revenue Making Medical Billing Accessible and Effortless for All


ABA Therapy Billing Services

ABA Therapy is an intervention procedure for autistic patients. Hospitals often struggle with complex codes and payment delays.


Allergy & Immunology Billing Services

Healthcare providers have to start treating allergy and immunotherapy patients quite early on.


Anesthesia Billing Services

Anesthesia billing is considered one of the most important services by healthcare organizations.


Cardiology Billing Services

You may have been up-coding or under-coding a lot of your procedures in cardiology billing.

Behavioral & Mental Health Billing Services

Behavior & mental health billing can get a lot complicated due to the type of care and resources required.


Dermatology Billing Services

Dermatology billing has progressed a lot, from skin lesions to cosmetic surgeries.


Gastroenterology Billing Services

Gastroenterology billing services are filled with diverse challenges. Major ones are billing colonoscopies and documenting different levels of E&M services.


OB/GYN Billing Services

The healthcare providers in the OB/GYN department struggle with billing complexities for obstetrics and gynecology.

Oncology services

Oncology Billing Services

Oncology codes and policies regularly change. Many oncologists remain unaware of the technology that can improve oncology billing services.


Orthopedic Billing Services

Did you know that around 35% of orthopedic surgery claims are filled out incorrectly?

Wound Care

Wound Care Billing Services

Advanced wound care methods are constantly evolving.


Radiology Billing Services

Advanced technology and treatment methods in radiology are constantly evolving.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Billing Services

Plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures can get costly for your patients.


Neurology Billing Services

The healthcare providers in the neurology department struggle with billing complexities for various procedures.


Hematology Billing Services

Hematology billing can get complicated due to confusing blood disorders.


Urology Billing Services

Healthcare providers must possess specialized knowledge and expertise to conduct urology billing services.


Pediatric Billing Services

Pediatricians commonly get stressed out due to a lot of modifiers & bundling requirements.


Podiatry Billing Services

There can be a lot of difficulties with podiatry billing, particularly with justifying its procedures’ medical necessity.

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Healthcare providers may end up consuming a lot of time and resources on physical therapy billing services.

Ophthalmology service

Ophthalmology Billing Services

Did you know that around 20% of surgical ophthalmology claims are filled out incorrectly?

Pathology Billing Services

Pathology Billing Services

Our medical billers have helped several healthcare practices with their pathology practice in delivering remarkable performance.

Physicatry billing services

Psychiatry Billing Services

Health Quest Billing has been providing psychiatry billing services to several healthcare organizations for a long time.

Chiropractic Billing Services

Chiropractic Billing Services

Health Quest Billing is a full-scale chiropractic billing service provider. 

Emergency Room Billing Services

Emergency Room Billing Services

Health Quest Billing provides innovative billing services for your ER practices.

Neonatology Billing Services

Neonatal Billing Services

Health Quest Billing lets your medical staff fully focus on patient requirements.

Nephrology Billing Services

Nephrology Billing Services

Nephrologists regularly perform complex treatments like dialysis for chronic kidney patients.

Endocrinology Billing Services

Endocrinology Billing Services

Health Quest Billing timely manages all crucial aspects of your endocrinology billing.

Rheumatology Billing Services

Rheumatology Billing Services

Health Quest Billing has an expert billing team that has remarkable expertise in rheumatology billing.

dental billing services

Dental Billing Services

Dental billing services have procedural complexity along with regular changes in compliance policies.

Sleep Medicine Billing Services

Do you want help with your sleep medicine billing operations? Are you looking for talented billing professionals to fulfill your billing requirements?

Hepatology Billing services

Hepatology Billing Services

Health Quest Billing is driven by an experienced team of hepatology billers.