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Oncology Billing Services

Oncology codes and policies regularly change. Many oncologists remain unaware of the technology that can improve oncology billing services. This has resulted in a stagnant reimbursement rate for their healthcare practice. Oncology relies on various technological aspects for multiple disciplines and post-operative trauma procedures. Contact Health Quest Billing to streamline your procedures and increase cash flow.

How Can Health Quest Billing Help You?

Here's how we at Health Quest Billing can assist you with our Oncology Billing Services:

  • Practice Diagnostic Assessment: We can conduct a diagnostic assessment of your practice. The assessment is concluded with a detailed report of your financial performance.
  • Insurance and Payment Pre-Post-Approvals: Health Quest Billing can also conduct insurance eligibility verification of your patients. This way, we can finalize your pre- and post-approval payment requirements.
  • Claims Processing: We have a dedicated claims processing team to prepare your reimbursement claims. They can ensure that they are accurately and promptly submitted.
  • A/R and Denial Management: Our experts can also track the status of your accounts receivable. They use that data to appeal your denials. This way, they ensure that you receive the pending payments from insurance companies.
  • Specialty-Oriented Custom Software: You can rest assured that your practice follows the latest insurance changes thanks to our custom software. It is specifically oriented toward oncology billing services and is highly successful.

Best Practices for Oncology Billing Services

Why Choose Us for Oncology Billing Services?

Health Quest Billing is aware that the priorities of healthcare providers include increasing revenue and preventing denials. We fulfill those priorities through our advanced solutions and effective strategies. They can help you quickly achieve your billing goals

Our expert oncology billers specialize in billing radiation billing services. They can also easily handle medical oncology, hematology, and other types of oncology billing. They ensure this by staying updated with the latest oncology guidelines.

We can also process accurate and compliant reimbursement claims. Our experts also take extraordinary steps to improve your collection rate. They implement effective strategies to reduce your denial rate and ensure that you get paid faster.

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Ready to upscale your medical billing process and boost your revenue? Schedule an appointment with Health Quest Billing today and let our experts guide you towards a more efficient and profitable billing future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Health Quest Billing assigns accurate codes and generates valid bills for oncology procedures. They include chemotherapy and radiation therapy, among other cancer treatments. We also verify insurance pre-authorizations and follow up on pending claims.

We implement strict measures to maintain the data security of your practice and patients. We also conduct regular audits and follow HIPAA regulations.

By outsourcing your oncology billing to us, you can access our specialized expertise and streamline your billing processes. Our billing experts can prevent claim denials and increase your revenue.

Health Quest Billing has a proactive approach to managing oncology accounts receivable. The approach involves strictly following up on unpaid claims and increasing revenue collection.

Yes, Health Quest Billing can assist your oncology provider credentialing. We can help you enroll in insurance networks. This way, we ensure that your healthcare providers are properly credentialed.